About Bruce

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Bruce studied at Paier College of Art in Hamden, Ct in the early 1980’s where he majored in communications and advertising. He began his career as an art director at a small advertising agency in New Haven until 1984 when he was compelled to move on to the advertising “Mecca” of New York City. While working in New York he broadened his talent base to include copywriting as well as art direction. His advertising claim to fame was the creation of the award-winning TV ad campaign for Butterfinger candy bar featuring Bart Simpson exclaiming “Nobody Better Lay a Finger on my Butterfinger!”

In the mid 90’s Bruce joined a new product development firm in Stamford where he was Partner, Chief Creative Officer. He spearheaded the creative side of innovation efforts for clients such as Pepsico, Kraft, Kelloggs, Dannon, Pepperidge Farm and many other large companies. Recently Bruce left the agency life behind to start his own marketing and new product consultancy, he found that he also had time to re-connect with his passion for the visual arts and began painting once again.

He discovered his primary subject matter while driving his two children from their home in North Stamford to their school in Greenwich. Along their route through the Greenwich “back country,” they would pass by several bucolic barns which Bruce took photos of from his car. His inherent interest in architecture, especially that of historic structures, is what initially lead him to choose the quaint beauty of barns and “out buildings.”  The medium Bruce chooses for his paintings is acrylic paint on canvas panel, because it allows him to work more quickly than with oils. Acrylics also allowed Bruce to develop his style that emphasizes contrasting light and shadow, conveying a feel that is, at the same time, realistic and painterly. His barn paintings ultimately lead to requests for painting of homes, businesses and storefronts, which he does mainly on commission. Over the past year he has done paintings of several homes and barns in the Greenwich, Stamford and Bedford areas, as well as small business and storefronts along Greenwich Ave. and in Bedford Village.

To discuss the Bruce’s work or commission a painting of your primary residence, seasonal home, small business or other subject matter, please feel free to contact him directly at:

[email protected]

or 203-912-9687